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Social responsibility is incorporated in an innovative business model of Magellan S.A. opening to the development and support of social initiatives. It is our concern to be responsible in all areas of our activities. We do business with a focus on such values as knowledge, experience, passion, trust-based culture to be able to establish good relationships with the environment – society in which we have been functioning, with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders








We support projects contributing to the improvement of medical care quality and caring for the development of children and young people. We have established a cooperation relationship with sports people. We are sensitive to the needs of local environment and are willing to participate in charitable undertakings. It is our concern to create a good atmosphere at work to provide our employees with advantageous conditions conducive to their professional development and their passions.

We are socially committed to give the environment in which are functioning as much as we can, and to standardize our actions so that each consecutive one could help change the reality.

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Paulina Szwed-Dobrzyńska Marketing and PR Director

tel. +48 42 272 32 37
fax +48 42 272 31 01

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